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Competency Banks of Technology/Engineering Related Occupations

(As reference for curriculum developers of technical education systems


Industry for planning in-house or outsourced training programmes)

 [you can download the competencies by refering the link given at the end of this page ]

Currently, industry vetted five researched competency banks for different technology/engineering occupations are given here. Competency banks for other technologies will also be posted here subsequent to researched data being made available time-to-time.

 Engineering DEGREE Programme Competency Banks (offered by Engineering colleges/universities)

  1. Degree in Electrical Engineering
  2. Degree in Electronics Engineering

 Engineering DIPLOMA Programme Competency Banks (offered by Polytechnics)

  1. Diploma in Electrical Engineering
  2. Diploma in Electronics Engineering
  3. Diploma in Wind Engineering

 NITTTR Bhopal (formerly known as TTTI Bhopal) has the privilege to publish the industry-vetted competencies. This researched information first in the series is aimed to develop competency banks for all technology/engineering related occupations of degree and diploma programmes being offered by the technical education institutes in the country. The following definition underpins the competency banks: ‘Competency is a statement which describes the integrated demonstration of a cluster of related knowledge, skills and attitudes that are observable and measurable, necessary to perform a job independently at a prescribed proficiency level’

 These competency banks intends to help the technical education systems in planning the curriculum development activities to produce ‘work-ready’ graduates. The educational institutions could use also the banks to plan and organize the industrial training. The banks can also be used by the industry for planning the in-house or outsourced training/re-training programmes of their technical personnel. The industry could advise the technical education systems to produce graduates who possess these competencies. This may also serve as a reference for technology forecasting.

 These competency banks being maintained by NITTTR Bhopal, are planned to be continually researched and updated time-to-time. Therefore, any queries and suggestions for modifications, additions or deletions regarding the competency statements in these banks are welcome from the industry and other stakeholders of technical education system. For further details they may contact: 

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