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The department has been conducting 20 to 25 short term training programmes per year. These programme include:

  • Content updating programmes
  • Induction Training programmes
  • Education Technology programmes
  • Curriculum development workshops
  • LR development workshops
  • Management development programmes
  • Project based programmes
  • Accreditation and QA programmes
  • Community development programmes
Summary of the short term Training Programmes conducted (last 10 years)
Details of particulars Programmes conducted Number of faculty members trained
Training programmes (National- Last 10 Years)
Content updating 121 2178
Induction programmes 95 2755
Interdisciplinary Programmes 52 1302
Total 268 6235
List of Sample Programmes Conducted
Content Updating Programmes
Sl.No Name of Programmes
1. Appropriate Building Materials and Construction Technologies
2. Outcome based Accreditation
3. Advances in Construction Technology and Management
4. Designing New Laboratory Experiments in Civil and Environmental Engineering
5. Rubrics for Civil and Environmental Engineering Disciplines for Graduate Programmes
6. Green Building Construction Techniques
7. Construction Management and network analysis
8. Use of Plastics in Road Construction
9. Designing questions in Civil and Environmental Engineering and allied disciline
10. Industrial training for faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering
11. Advances in Construction Techniques
12. Green Building Construction Technology
13. Life Assessment Repair and Restoration of Structures
14. Structural Design using STAAD Pro Software
15. Artificial Intelligence in Civil and Environmental Engineering
16. Advanced Surveying , Remote Sensing and GIS
17. Construction Engineering and Management
18. Project Management
Induction Programme
Sl.No Name of Programmes
1. Induction Programme Phase-1
2. Induction Programme Phase-2
3. Teaching Competency Development
Interdisciplinary Programmes
Sl.No Name of Programmes
1. Laboratory management
2. Designing Innovative Laboratory Experiments
3. Disaster Management
4. Environmental Pollution and Control
5. Accreditation of Diploma Programmes
6. Accreditation of UG Engineering Programmes
7. Engineering Research
8. Emotional Intelligence
9. Communication Skill Development
10. Community Development
11. Preparing for Accreditation
12. Student Assessment

The department has been conducting international trainingprogrammes.Total five programmes have been conducted as per the following details:

  • Technical Cooperation Scheme of Colombo Plan (TCS)– 03 Programmes
  • In country Programme of CPSC,Manila– 02 Programmes

Apart from short term national & international training programmes,department has started two self-supporting PG programmes in Construction Technology and Management and Structural Engineering in the year 2011-12 and 2012-13 respectively. The total number of student graduated is:

  • Construction Technology & Management:102 Numbers
  • Structural Engineering:60 Numbers

Department since its inception has been contributing in different Curriculum Development Projects of the Institute. Notably amongst them are MP Curriculum Revision Project (1970 onwards), Curriculum Revision Projects under Tech.Ed.I& II (1989 onwards), Curriculum Development Project for Gujarat Distance Education Project (1990 onwards), Curriculum Development Project for Nagaland & Arunachal Pradesh(2005 onwards), Curriculum Development Projects for Technical Education Board for Gujarat(2010 onwards),Maharashtra &Chhattisgarh States(2014 onwards). Department has also developed curricula for vocational courses for various clients.


Department has contributed in more than 30 PedagogicalResearch Studies under World Bank Assisted Projects, viz., Tech.Ed.I, II & III. This includes Space and Equipment Utilizations Study, Impact Studies of Various Dimensions of World Bank Assisted Projects, Impact Studies of Training Programmes. Department has also produced five Ph.D. in Pedagogical area. Department has also been contributed in editorial board and publishing of Institute’s Journal of Science, Engineering and Management Education.

List of Pedagogical Research Studies
Sl.No Name of Pedagogical Research Study Nos.
1. Training Needs Analysis of Engineering Colleges of Chhattisgarh (3 engineering Colleges). 03
2. SWOT Analysis of Engineering Colleges of Chhattisgarh (3 engineering Colleges). 03
3. Utilisation of Resources by Project states (4 for polytechnics and 2 for states of Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh. 06
4. Impact of Tech Ed III Project in the State of Jammu and Kashmir (Six for polytechnics and one for the State). 07
5. Status study of Autonomy in Project Polytechnics of Nagaland. 03
6. Training Needs Analysis of Nagaland (3 studies two for polytechnic and one for SPIU). 03
7. Study of drop-out rate in Gujarat state in distance education project. 01
8. Comparison of Performance of distance learners and regular students. 01
9. Internal Revenue Generation Practices in Polytechnics of Maharashtra State. 01
10. “Training Needs Analysis of Tanning Industry of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka”. 01
11. “Training Needs Analysis of Sugar industry of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka”. 01
Total Studies 30
On-going Research Studies:

Following are the on-going research studies undertaken by the department:

  • A comparative study on Accreditation criteria and process of selected Washington accord signatory countries.
  • A study on the effectiveness of community development through polytechnics scheme.
  • Impact of accreditation on performance of the faculty and student in the engineering colleges.
  • Impact study of adapted assessment schemes and credits on the performance of engineering graduates of progammes offered in premium institutions in India.
  • Video Programmes: Department has produced a series of Video Programmes (30 Numbers) on Soil Engineering Laboratory Experiments based on IS Codes, on NBA Accreditation, survey equipment andon-going Construction Projects in and around Bhopal.
  • MOOCs: Department has contributed in MOOCs Programme(03 numbers) prepared and developed by the Institute. Total 95 numbers of videos were developed for 03 MOOC programme.
  • In the past department has also produced large number of transparencies, slides and Models.
  • Department has also been contributing in various Learning Resources Projects for Various Industries and Field Agencies such as Cement Industries,ETI of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka,Forest Department of Various State Governments, NIGUM, UADD, Police Housing Board etc.
  • Department has also been producing laboratories manuals, item banks, work-books, monographs, self-learning modules (REC project, Gujarat Distance Education project) for various clients.
Summary of Videos developed
Topics of Videos No. of videos developed
Soil Engineering Laboratory Experiments 18
Construction of Bridge 03
Construction of Dome structure 01
NBA Accreditation (RKD) 04
Design of isolated footings (AKJ) 02
Advanced Surveying Equipment 02
Total 30

A list indicating the details of video programmes developed is enclosed at annexure-I.

Summary of Videos developed for MOOCs Programmes
Details of MOOCs programmes/Topics No. of Videos Developed
Accreditation of UG programme 73
Accreditation of PG programmeConstruction of Bridge 10
Accreditation of Diploma programmes 06
AICTE-NITTT 2020 Module 2 – Professional Ethics and Sustainability 01
AICTE-NITTT 2020 Module 4 – Instructional Planning and Delivery 01
Industry Institute Community Partnership 01
Curriculum Analysis 01
Project Method 01
Concept of Sustainability 01
Total 95

Publications: 215 papers published in various refereed journals and national and international conferences.

Summary of Paper Publications
Particulars of paper published Numbers
In refereed journal 118
In Conferences 97
Total 215

Details of paper published in journals and conferences are enclosed at annexure-II.


Department has contributed in conducting various projects for NPIU,SPIU,SPFU, Cement Industries, ETI of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, Forest Department of Various State Governments, NIGAM, UADD, Police Housing Board etc.

Total 13 consultancy projects were undertaken in the last 10 years and the details are given below:
  • Identification of training needs of engineers of Nagar Palika and Nagar Nigam.
  • Designing, developing and implementing training programmes for engineers of Nagar Palika and Nagar Nigam.
  • Investigation of failure of water tank at Bhopal.
  • Investigation of status of various water tanks in Bhopal.
  • Designing, developing and implementing induction training programme for newly recruited engineers of Department of Urban Administration and Development (UADD), Govt. of M.P.
  • Designing, developing and implementing training programme for engineers of Police Housing Board, M.P.
  • Developing Outcome Based Curriculum for Gujarat Technical University.
  • Developing Outcome Based Curriculum for Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education.
  • Developing Outcome Based Curriculum for Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekananda Technical University, Durg.
  • CBR Testing of soil samples for Indian Institute of Soil Science Bhopal.
  • Training Need Analysis of teachers of engineering colleges of Chhattisgarh under-TEQIP.
  • Development of Skill Based Curriculum for MHRD.
  • Design, development and implementing training programmes for National Institute of Good Governance and Urban Management, Bhopal.

Department has been involved in Extension Activities through CDTP&PwD Scheme of Government of India.It has also participated in various Components of Sub-Mission of Polytechnics. Department has also been involved in conducting equipment vetting workshops for various polytechnic institutions. Departmental faculty has also been nominated as chairman and expert for NBA accreditation, performance auditor and mentor for NPIU and SPFUs, expert for AICTE, short term consultant for the World Bank, examiner for various universities, etc.


Department has contributed in developing Curriculum Scheme and Learning Resources for Diploma Programmein Civil and Environmental Engineering Conducted by the Continuing Education Centres (CEC)of Gujarat. Departmental faculty has also offered three number of MOOCs programmes through SWAYAM. Departmental faculty has developed modules and learning resources for ISTD-CEP, UK-British Council-REC project, etc.


Skill Development Training Programmeswereconducted under Scheme of Community Development through Polytechnics. Total3,52,144 Numbers of trainees were trained in Skill Development Training Programmes conducted through polytechnics of western region of India from 2009-10 to 2019-20. Year wise details are given below:

Sl. No. Year Persons Trained
1. 2009-10 2452
2. 2010-11 38385
3. 2011-12 42004
4. 2012-13 45342
5. 2013-14 49698
6. 2014-15 43403
7. 2015-16 39439
8. 2016-17 39896
9. 2017-18 29019
10. 2018-19 13591
11. 2019-20 8845